Book x Music Launch

Hey friend, partner-in-crime, relative, artist I enjoy or cool-arse person. This page is for the “first adopters” to No Jewels, my poetry book and soundtrack (not poems over music)  about when selfishness interrupts growing up courtesy of Flowered Concrete.

Below, under INSTRUCTIONS, you can download the BOOK and the book’s MUSIC.

An excerpt of No Jewels book

An excerpt of No Jewels soundtrack (maxi-single)

THE INSTRUCTIONS: Drop a lil in the tip jar or Do not. Still, download both the 20-poem PDF & the music.

Dropping $15 or $20 gets you the PDF, full soundtrack & pre-orders the book from Talib Kweli’s Nkiru Online (the outlets start May 16th).

ONE: Click here to DOWNLOAD the book

TWO: Click here to DOWNLOAD the music

Absorb the words. Enjoy the music. There is a value in you having it.

Love + thanks! Now go download this thing

No Jewels release, May 16th!! (Pre-order, from above)

-Tai Allen