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DASAN AHANU + TAI ALLEN – HOME IS WHERE THE HATRED IS – The Originals: Gil Scott + Oscar Brown at BAMcafe

“Home Is Where The Hatred Is” is a timely tune. It is about about drug abuse and its effects on a person. But it can be translated to detail any form of personal distress and loss that has emotional toll. We did this song to illustrate how poignant the tune is and how poetry and songwriting are related. Beautiful words are just that. And yes that is the legendary Onaje Allan-Gumbs on piano and the great Jeffrey Smith on guitar/brass.

HOUSE REMIX – we dropped a serious dance beat then slipped blues chords and slick sax over the drums to re-imagine the song. All because my mom remembered that this was dance music in the 70s. I did not want to be the Midnight Band but wanted inject how we view dance music. Still holding onto my love of blues, jazz and soul


DASAN AHANU + TAI ALLEN – THE SNAKE – The Originals: Gil Scott + Oscar Brown at Brooklyn Museum

Yep, we figured this is the perfect song for Dasan to sing. And, we flipped the hip-hop classic “The Choice Is Yours” by Black Sheep into an acid-jazz meets big beat redux. One of my favorite jawns


DASAN AHANU + TAI ALLEN – THE MESSAGE / 16 TONS – The Originals: Gil Scott + Oscar Brown at Brooklyn Museum

This is a full picture of how we mix genres and tools to present our music. Beat boxing, poetry, singing, flute playing over hip-hop bass-line but groove is completely Roy Ayers and Brian Jackson. And, of course, we keep the edutainment clear with the topic: responsibility and responsiveness for the community.


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