Moving Pictures

Go Groove (Cadillac, Beemer)

I started writing this after finishing a show in Baltimore. The show coincided with the Baltimore Uprising. I wanted to discuss how language can be ill-used and how love can be found in chaos. B’more was full of miscues and craziness. Yet, everywhere I looked love was in full bloom. That meant everything to me


Let Me Love You Down w/Tulips

In Raleigh trying to pull out my inner Levert meets Gap Band meets Ready For The World. But for my bridge toss in some loving-you-forever poems like Pablo Neruda or Quincy Troupe would do.


Home Is Where The Hatred Is

“Home Is Where The Hatred Is” is a timely tune. It is about about drug abuse and its effects on a person. But it can be translated to detail any form of personal distress and loss that has emotional toll. We did this song to illustrate how poignant the tune is and how poetry and songwriting are related. Beautiful words are just that. And yes that is the legendary Onaje Allan-Gumbs on piano and the great Jeffrey Smith on guitar/brass.


We dropped a serious dance beat then slipped blues chords and slick sax over the drums to re-imagine the song. All because my mom remembered that this was dance music in the 70s. I did not want to be the Midnight Band but wanted inject how we view dance music. Still holding onto my love of blues, jazz and soul


Strong w/N—- At Night

I always I think the Blues is my birthright. Field songs are my ancestry. This was an attempt to bridge the genres to a modern audience while telling a story about our past.



The sister was standing there and I was hosting the event. I wanted her to know men do love unfettered.

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