Putting Stucco Up

Albeit slowly the site is coming but while we do move slow…

SUPPORT Universe City – a mutual aid program feeding Brooklyn, creating community creativity & working the Census for BK. SUPPORT Re-imagining Law Enforcement in YOUR city. NOTE: we do not want the police ended. We want law enforcement’s culture to switch from criminalizing our communities to only catching criminals. SUPPORT local business, in your city, because they are the lifeblood of a community. SUPPORT your neighbors. Folks be kind. Folks be patient. SUPPORT societal change that leads to a nation, states, counties and cities that believe in unlearning habits & beliefs that dismantle White supremacy

Support love.

Support me, if you can: poetry book (& soul soundtrack) No Jewels, http://bit.ly/taiallencombo

My appearances (and loves above), the next one:

July 21st & 23rd – Volume Workshop (Arts and Activism) at Mercer Community College (Zoom)

July 29th – #TheSocialUnion on Instagram & Facebook

August 22nd – My personal national holiday!

Sept 21st – March supporting Breona Taylor

Oct 3rd – National Poetry Day

Oct 17th – National Black Poetry Day!! 50th Anniversary

Nov 12th-15th – National Black Writers Conference (Medgar Evers College)