David Prize or Bust!!

I am terrible at talking about my work or myself. My mind can rattle and tattle about the beautiful aspects of everyone and everything else, though. This is my attempt. Please, be kind?

Poet. Singer. Parent. Strategist.Creative

Well… I am going truncate the story. But, a little background: I am an poet who just happens to be swell at a few things. Since 1995, I have utilized those few things:

   In ’95, I was recruited to work at Pseudo.com — an early adopter of streaming over the wretched phone lines — and It was fun. I crafted processes for turning idea into content. It was the beginning of me understanding the importance of cultural and social relevance. Yeah, I was making content but I am an activist. How do we ensure the content is great, inviting and, when possible, building a better world.

This was the start. Well, this and the poetry scene. Well… media, the poetry scene, a record deal and activism. From 1995-2008, I did all the things. Literally, all the things. Inserted myself into the NYC poetry scene, every subset I could join & rock. I was with the academics at NYU. I performed at the Nuyorican. I sang/read/rhymed in Brooklyn, like Brooklyn Moon & Sunday Tea Party. I did revolutionary works in Queens and African Poetry Theater. Harlem and The Bronx heard my street stories and songs.

   Media. Always back to being in the media. Director of Media for Urban Box Office. Group Creative Director for Uniworld Group. During my tenure, I created Uniworld’s Interactive division. Was the founding staff for an all-boys school, ABCD in Bed-Stuy then designed my own arts & science curriculum for NYC middle and high schools. I designed for Robert Cornegy’s first City Council win. Ended up on TV, as a member fo We Make Us Better, a cohort of Black fathers giving back through action and deeds — we are still friends sans the moniker and giving back!

I don’t know how to keep still.I can’t seem to STAY focused on one thing. Luckily, I do focus on all the things, well.

But the well has to improve the lives of others. The litany above has thread. It is my want to build community.

Since 2008:


Arts & Culture:

Making, administrating and curating culture. I am blessed to be active in multiple disciplines. I love these opportunities to build programs and be in programs. Below are a few highlights and some videos!


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          • Bomb Magazine feature
            • Three poems
          • Brooklyn Poets House
            • Poet of the Month
          • No Jewels release
          • Headline Apollo Music Cafe
          • Curated for the Apollo Music Cafe (only person to curate nights and then get curated by a different producer)
          • Headline
            • American Jazz Museum (KC)
            • SoHo House
            • BAM Cafe
            • The Nash (Phoenix)
            • The Hayti Center (Durham)
            • Jazz Cafe in The Aretha Franklin Theater (Detroit)
            • The Nuyorican Poets Cafe
          • Panelist and Workshop leader
            • UNC at Chapel Hill
            • National Black Writers Conference
            • Black Poetry Day

National Black Writers Conference Panel: Author Discussion on Literature


Social Justice:


This is not work but a purpose to drive access and resources to challenged communities. I get to work with politicians, community-based organizations (CBOs) and agencies (municipal, state and federal) that address conditions. These actions and programs are my attempts at saving the world. I love it. It is the soul stuff that will outlast me. The legacy work. The institutional building and support for generations, I will never meet but will be better for what is accomplished. It is for my future grands and their grands. I love it.

          • Helped progressive and moderate politicians get elected.
          • Co-developed municipal legislation & policies
          • Development and fundraising for community-based organizations
          • Advised #BLM leadership and organizations
          • Mentoring more young folks than I can list. The best work outside of being a parent.


This is my fun work. I wrote these outlines in this order, on purpose. I am artist who love saving the world and, also, believes it is possible to sell ice to water.  I have all the makings for avarice except the genes to pull it off. But, I love strategizing and executing awareness and communication programs. While I am typing and editing this site, for your reading pleasure, I am working to expand the awareness for health worker programs in the Appalachia, a gallery in Brooklyn, a hearing with a NYC agency and a jazz show in the Lower Eastside. I get revved, tense, giddy and excited by this work. The save the world stuff is for my soul and people. This work is art. Yes, it is art.

          • Restoration Rocks
          • The Word Is Brooklyn
          • #TapCork
          • BMWPride
          • ASPCA Live
          • National Black Writers Conference
          • The Nuyorican
          • Community Education Group
          • Tusk Agency
          • CitizensNY
          • Bridge Street Development Corp
          • MGB Pop
          • Drive Change