Art x Social Justice

It’s my birthday week or month… Depends on how I am feeling. And, I am excited to be here with you. For many, if not all, the past two calendar years have been alot. A whole lot. We have lost a lot — people, things, places, opportunities, accesses, love, idea, jobs, positions. We have also learned or gained a lot. If you can, take a moment and smile for the small or large positive you gained during these trying times. I found romantic, sexual, family and agape love. I created some change with some amazing activists and politicians. I have a LOT of art to share. I have learned a lot and watch a lotta amazing people.

For this birthday celebrate life and love; celebrate yourself!

So take the annual bday gift:

  • digital preview of the next book, #lovehellalright
  • digital copy of the current No Jewels
  • some good music to take (if you have an Android) or preview (Apple, cause they suck and won’t all direct downloads)
  • music hit Spotify in September. book in the winter.

Leave what you want. Leave what you can.. Leave nada. But you can leave with some good art!

-Tai Allen