Political & Community Wonk

I am honored to be a person community leaders trust. It is not an easy job but it is wonderful.

The macro word is advisor. People in power, with influence or sit on executive seats ask me to fix their non-criminal problems. I write policy and concoct strategy for campaigns. I pen or figure out legislation for electeds. I help community-based organizations grow, prosper and look amazing. I figure out how to beat challenges.

Sometimes, I make a ruckus to get challenges notices or fixed.

I wonk.

policy wonk (plural policy wonks)

  1. (politicsgovernment) A person who studies or develops strategies and policies, especially one who has a keen interest in and aptitude for technical details. 

And, I love it. It is priceless when the wonking, working and trying builds a better community.

My best skill and most important talent. I rarely publicize who, what or why? I am there to fix not take credit.