SSM Candy Store: Coffee & Tea flavored

No one wants merch. Folks want gear that can be rocked. So… We made some gear on nice threads! NOTE: these are unisex. Don’t get all crunchy cause we have picture with woman or man. Behave. Enjoy. Wear with nice footwear. Also, want us to customize?

Sidebar: That hoodie only exists in my closet… I can be convinced…

NO WORK, ‘til coffee (embroidery)

This shirt is a want and a warning. (Soft threading. Eco-friendly. Threaded to be a lil extra nice!)

NO WORK, ‘til coffee (DTG / Ink)

This version done with an ink process, called direct-to-garment (DTG). The embroidered are dope. These are dope. But, this version cost a bit less sans being shoddy. Want a custom colorway? Hit us

Tea Over Coffee (Embroidery)

Tea is not the magic elixir but it is a gift from the gods. It can put yuh to sleep or cure an ankle sprain.



Chillin Is Virtue (DTG / Ink)

When you have that coffee or tea, it is important to have a moment for peace or control your universe: from the stoop, the bed, the park bench, the hill top, the couch… if you have spot we should print for you? Holla:



Yeah, we have more stuff coming. Like a dope duffle bag. #SampleSaleMusic and Tai Allen ain’t trying to sell band merch but fly stuff to use or wear…