#LoveHellAlright – #ReadWithMe

[insert song - adventures]

in this incredible world


my fun-uncles are stats,

stereotypes & stereo takers:

who nuanced me to talk

slick, grip guns and work —

all night in timbs or nikes


to keep cash handy,

rubber-banded or stashed in shoeboxes:

tycoon corners with tough

convos; full of action — 

verbs & improper nouns


until ether decides:


gavel or chains

timing or luck

bullets or fear

wisdom or love

found at any spot, doubling as the spot


trendy cars are parked awry

scattering the small street,

at the top of a high hill


pigeons and birds love the scenery

some strut, wing then plume;

others crowd around the boys


          money and fun

                    fun comes from the money


most are speaking in code

talking travel in outer realms

convincing a sale to buy some escape


eagles and hawks are perched to prey

scoping from the evicted, empty apartments

just ignoring the birds to watch the boys with keen


          crimes need punishment

                     punishment for these ugly crimes


good guys, gods, bad men and innocents

are all along a five-foot wall

consumers are starving enough to ask

what hides in socks, shadows and tree knobs


caution, ego, & adrenalin are 

byproducts from the poverty-caused stupidity

but a need to satisfy requests for rent and food

invites empty pockets to work obscene hours


          the money feels green

                    the feel of money fuels relief

there is a stunted hope

some dull idea and a wish boning

this can be a forever form of employment


                  cops will interrupt this

this interruption creates problems


problems dress to kill

often killers halloween daily as cops or robbers 

[insert song]
while standing outside late


near crunched cans 

and candy cars


blocks the cold,

ices the fear,

pays the bills

coals a lifestyle

[insert song]
full of cash & anxiety (since places have doors)

the hooded mantra is —

before the street’s concrete

can be enjoyed via trot or strut –

exit doors will slightly open

info is assurance –

acknowledge the patrol cars while 

being skeptical of moving bushes –

to avoid unintended finalities

this muscle memory

this good, bad habit

this measure of knowing better

is my last prayer for freedom & safety